Specials for the Month

Thank you for your interest in our product specials! The pricing below is valid only for a certain period so do not hesitate. If you are interested in a specific product, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist further. Please note that the below prices exclude VAT.


Product Price
Ventilator, emergency / mobile, adult / paed AEON/Solo R20,000.00


Product Price
Foetal CTG machine BIO/IC90T R16,000.00


Product Price
Baby scale, digital FAZ 6410 R495.00
IV stand mobile S/S FAZ 02-694-80 R425.00
Suction pump battery operated foot FAZ F017/B R2050.00


Product Price
Patient Roll board, full length foldable 177 x 55cm GUMT/EZ-100 R1,400.00
Patient Roll board, mini, 1/2 length GUMT/EZ-150 R800.00


Product Price
Flowmeter click style, double IOX/823-OX-15GS R400.00
Flowmeter click style, single IOX/803-OX-15GS R150.00
Oxgen flowmeter double IOX/825-OX-15GM R400.00


Product Price
Emergency “crash cart”, alum-alloys, ABS manufacture, 5-Drawers with dividers, supplied with monitor shelf, IV pole, O2 cylinder holder, CPR board, waste bin, file box, sharps container, pull-out writing shelf, lockable castors. Dim 850 x 520 x 1010 Leisun LS-850EB R11,900.00
Medicine trolley 6-drawers which pull out from both sides, with total of 50 x medicine boxes, self-locking on closure, Supplied with pull-out writing shelf, 2-waste bins and 5-hook IV bag hanger Leisun LS-850M R2,500.00
Procedure / dispense trolley, large upper drawer, 2-large storage trays / shelves, 2-pull-out writing shelves, IV bag hanger with 8-hooks Leisun LS-700D R2,500.00
Bedside cabinet LEI/LS-500 R650.00
Medicine trolley LEI/LS-700C R4,750.00
Overbed table LEI/LS-MT01 R450.00


Product Price
Walking heels, Foster, medium PRO/WHM R5.00
Walking heels, Foster, small PRO/WHS R5.00


Product Price
Pressure care mattress, overlay system Suzric Deluxe 9003 R4,000.00

Theatre Table Accessories

Product Price
Knee crutch padded TRI/AN0100 R6,800.00
Armboard for theatre table TRI02.0500.0011 R1,850.00
Anaesthetic screen R400.00


Product Price
Calzuro clogs 33-34 R200.00
Calzuro clogs 34-35 R200.00
Calzuro clogs 46-47 Purple R250.00
Surgeon boots 6 1/2 R150.00
S/S bucket + lid 12 litre R150.00
Swann Morton scalpel handle No 4 L R10.00


Product Price
Surgeons gowns, Barrier, large R300.00
Surgeons gowns, Barrier, x-large R300.00
Surgeons gowns, Barrier, xx-large R300.00


Product Price
Infant head positioning frame LORD/TJ-1 R400.00
Head box O2, with air proportionate control, medium LORD/YZ-160 R250.00
Head box O2, with air proportionate control, large LORD/YZ-200 R250.00
Infant warmer, mobile LORD/YDW-11 R2,000.00
Auto electronic BP, wrist LORD/LD-8 R120.00
Stethoscope, double head. Economy LORD/HS-30B R20.00
Stethoscope, Rappaport LORD/HS-30C R50.00
Stethoscope, paed LORD/HS-30F R29.00
Stethoscope, dual head, S/S, Deluxe LORD/HS-30J R60.00
Stethoscope, cardiology LORD/HS-30K R300.00
BP unit, aneroid, wall, round dial LORD/HS-60D R95.00
Infant O2 hood LORD/OXY-P R500.00
BP unit, mercury, wall LORD/TXJ-20A R75.00
Suction unit AC/Battery operated LORD/JX820D R2,100.00

Surgical Instruments

Product Price
Scissors, gen surgical, 150mm limited use ACME/S281S52500 R5.00
Forceps Allis tissue atraumatic 20cm GEO/MC190.20 R75.00
Forceps Allis tissue atraumatic 25cm GEO/MC190.25 R80.00
Forceps, Babcock tissue 18cm GEO/MC300.18 R70.00
Forceps, Babcock tissue 20cm GEO/MC300.20 R75.00
Forceps, Babcock tissue 24cm GEO/MC300.24 R88.00
Needle holder, Mathiue 14cm T/C LAW08.0127 R450.00
R.Wolf Evacuator, Ellik LAWT49.3340 R600.00
Needle holder micro 2000 12cm 45 Deg Medic12.12.49 R545.00
Retractor, Beckman 32cm hinged arms Medic24.32.04 R800.00
Specular, ear, Hartmann, blackened Medic62.01.01 R175.00
Scissors micro ER right cutting 4mm jar Medic62.42.16 R700.00
Scissors, Metzembaum, T/C 18cm PARAMID/13.236T R188.00
Towel clips, Lorna PARAMID/17.514 R30.00
Needle holder, mayo-Hegar, 20cm, T/C PARAMID/25.133 R180.00
Forceps, Hartmann nasal PARAMID/39.230 R18.00
Forceps, dressing, Lucae, ear, 14cm PARAMID/39.240 R18.00
Scissors, Mayo, 21cm T/C PRO/IN0131 R135.00
Bedpan S/S child TSUE/M024 R110.00
Jars, Cheatle, S/S 114 x 55mm TSUE/M031 R35.00
Kidney dish, autoclavable plastic 20cm WARW/KD200 R5.00
Rongeur Schlesinger 5mm x 15cm UP XXX/MED57.06.05 R1,500.00
Rongeur Schlesinger 5mm x 15cm DOWN UP XXX/MED57.06.15 R1,500.00
Rongeur, Ferris-Smith 5mm x 18cm UP XXX/SKI30.0289 R1,500.00
Spreader, baby rib, Finocchietto XXX/SKI36.0150 R900.00
Dissectors, tonsil, Hurd’s XXX/SKI50.0130 R90.00
Curettes, uterine, SIMS # 3 XXX/SKI60.1703 R60.00
Curettes, uterine, SIMS # 4 XXX/SKI60.1704 R60.00
Retractor, Mollisons XXX/SKI270.01 R50.00
Retractor, Hurds Pillar XXX/DOWL265.01.T R50.00