About Us

Our History

Pro-Active Medical Supplies was established in 1998, initially, specializing in Surgical Instrumentation. In 2005 we decided to branch out into equipment of a capital nature. In our 11 years and with approximately 65 years of combined experience in the medical field, we have satisfied customers in the private as well as government sector, striking up lasting relationships.

Mission Statement

Pro-Active Medical Supplies have passionate personel who are dedicated in serving our customers ensuring maximum satisfaction and unique unparalled service. We strive to provide quality products timeously to our customers throughout South Africa.

Target Market

Our focus is on supplying the medical and governement markets with high quality, suitable and affordable medical solutions for their varying and specific requirements.

Medical Industry

Within the medical industry we supply various medical companies including: Private Clinics, Doctors, Pharmacies and various Non-Government Organisations.

Government Market

Within the government market, we have been awarded and successfully completed multiple tenders, supplying governmental institutions with solutions uniquely tailored to meet their requirements.

Our BEE Status

In 2009 our BEE rating was at Level 4 with 2010 still to be accredited.